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Published on May 13, 2013

Few people realize that homelessness is truly lethal. One night on the streets is too long, and the folks who’ve spent months or years homeless are very much at risk, mentally and physically. Catherine, who spent more than a decade on and off the streets, is one of too many people who eventually succumb to homelessness. We dedicate this to her memory, and are continuing to fight to make sure more people like her can get into long-term, supportive housing, and get the care they need to survive.

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On any given night, nearly 633,782 people in the United States experience homelessness — over 60,000 of them veterans. And the average age of a homeless person in the United States is only nine years old. When we met Mark, we would never have believed that ending homelessness is achievable — but he has convinced us, as he has thousands of others, that it is.

Our goal: to use film, social media, and a smartphone game to amplify Invisible People’s work — turning apathy into action, making the homeless men and women in your community visible, and inspiring more and more people to take action to solve homelessness in their own backyards.

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