Star Wars Episode 7: Hamill wary about Skywalker role


In an around about way, he basically confirmed that both Fisher and Ford are both on-board for Episode 7 although he has not spoken to Ford personally about this. Hamill states that he has not read a script or met up with J.J. Abrams yet and understands his busy schedule at the moment with Star Trek Into Darkness, but he imagines that the roles of Han, Luke, and Leia will be similar to that of Obi-Wan in the original films.


He acknowledges his age within the film and feels that it is now time for younger cast members to be involved in all the heavy action parts, but also highlights his hesitation about revisiting the franchise with concerns that great Star Wars memories could be damaged. In the same aspect he also concedes that it is a project which he couldn’t miss out on.


As a long-time Star Wars enthusiast I was never a big fan of Hamill and Fisher and felt that their acting skills were not among the elite, but these comments from Hamill seem refreshing and honest and you can’t help but get the feeling his is also a big fan that wants the next trilogy to do the franchise justice.


Do Hamill’s concerns give you more confidence about the future of Star Wars?

In a recent Q&A session with Mark Hamill he mentions a meeting he had with both Fisher and George Lucas where he informed them about new Star Wars movies in the pipeline. In addition, he also confirms he had discussions with Kathleen Kennedy and emphasised the importance of not going into full-CGI with the new trilogy.

His comments will be endearing to fans who share the same sentiment and Collider document his hopes and expectations for the new films. He mentions how his meeting with Lucas went, and how it didn’t take Fisher long to tell him she’s in, although he also goes on to say that he has no issues with CGI but doesn’t want the next film to make viewers feel that a green-screen has been used.



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