Invisible Epidemics: Morgellons, Cancer & other viruses with Ingrid Naiman . Roxy Lopez

Published on May 18, 2013

Guest: Ingrid Naiman: Invisible Epidemics
Author of the book Cancer Salves

Ingrid’s websites:
Ingrid has 45 web sites (more or less, maybe more), some 2500 pages. Here are a few of potential interest.………

” If possible, I would like to focus mainly on describing the magnitude of the problem of invisible epidemics. People feel terrible, have symptoms, often bewildering symptoms, and they go from one specialist to another without getting the help needed. Out of this huge “soup”, the one that currently interests me the most is radiation and the avenue I want to take in seeking solutions is to use ancient alchemical methods from Ayurvedic medicine. I think I can explain this in a manner that makes sense.”~ Ingrid Naiman

THE TRUTH DENIED is a collection from The Truth Denied Team of Investigations, research and Radio Shows with subject matters such as Chemtrails, Aerosol Spraying, GMO, Morgellons Disease, Health and Healing, NWO Agendas, Nano Technology, Healing,Nutrition & Health, Spirituality, Outer Space,UFO sightings,HAARP,Morgellons Disease, Disease, Matrix,Government,Mythology, archeology,Ancient Aliens, Astrology,Agenda 21 Topics, Smart Meters and Conspiracy Theories that are really Facts for the public. We are a volunteer organization. We also have radio shows for the public hosted on Revolution Radio at

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