Come with Gorilla199 on a field trip to video two important places . gorilla199·

Published on Jul 12, 2013

I am off on a short trip for a few days and need someone to come and help me with the camera work. It is going to be a pretty uncomfortable 2 or 3 days so be warned in advance. You need to cover your own travel costs etc as I just have enough to cover mine and expect we may end up sleeping out in airport lobbies and benches for one night (or two) because finances do not allow luxury hotel living so expect to come back tired and disheveled but wiser and with some great personal footage too. ADDED BONUS: Remember the last field trip I did to Patmos (Where the Lord Jesus led me to find the face of Apollyon carved in the Cave of the Apocalypse) I ended up in hospital for 9 days in the infectious diseases unit with blood poisoning (you could be sharing the bed next to me in hospital this time too (or worse)! Should be fun as well as being a serious field trip.
You can contact me on SKYE ID: Gorilla199
You MUST have a cam so I can see who I am talking to and I will shortlist and choose who will come with me (if anyone wants to that is or I will go on my own).
Jesus Christ is The Lord.
Chris Constantine

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