Male Rape Epidemic in Military | Think Tank . breakingtheset·

Published on Jul 11, 2013

Abby Martin discusses sexual assault in the military and talks to victim, Brian Lewis, President of ‘Men Recovering from Military Sexual Trauma’ about his experience and what people can do to change rape culture in the military.

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One Response to “Male Rape Epidemic in Military | Think Tank . breakingtheset·”

  1. FedUpYours Says:

    Same sexual abuses of peer-pressure occurring with Australian Military services of both male and females. It is a crime and never acceptable. Engine search Australian male on male and male on female abuse of power and control sex crimes within all military services. Also Youtube and engine search whistleblower Katherine KAY GRIGGS a former Colonels wife and learn just how far up and above these “Known” and unkown sexual predators are using these acts of crime for power and control, intimidation and more aka mind control ect …

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