The Story Behind The Story

First, listen to the original NSA whistleblower Russ Tice detail the extent of the criminality of the NSA cartel.  Imagine – illegally spying on Supreme Court Justices, Generals, Pentagon officials, in order to BLACKMAIL AND CONTROL THEM.    Above all, when most government agencies have felt the axe of SEQUESTRATION – the NSA has only expanded it’s reach and power!

Tice only hints at WHO really controls this nation via the “intelligence agencies”.   Lets take a quick look at the prime architect of today’s NSA – a high-level MORMON named Brent Scowcroft – and then lets look at the covert Mormon agenda of world domination.  Could this be the primary reason why the mammoth NSA facility is being built in Mormon-dominated UTAH??









When one studies the history of the “National Security Agency” (NSA) few individuals are more relevant than Mormon Elder Brent…

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