Deadly Duo: Jason Andrews & Amanda Logue pled guilty to the murder of Dennis ‘Scooter’ Abrahamsen, both sentenced to prison

A few years after the seperation and capture of Amanada Dongue and Jason Andrews of a senless murder killing and monterary-gain, what is new?

While Suny Dae aka Amanda Dongue was a wife of 1 child and married, what of her boyfriend Jason Andrews whom for 2 months alluded police authorities after the slaying. He was known before as “Addison” on Sean Cody gay porn site as a bisexual and popular DJ Veritas in Chicago.

Yet no further details are known previous since, he was arrested 2 months later in July 2010, Amanada Donue in May.

Jason Andrews pleaded guilty to first degree murder in lie of death sentence for life sentence, while his accomplice Dongue plead guilty to 40 years in prisonment.

Was he Brittish? Was he American with a ‘forkskin” and what of his alleged ‘booasting’ of Military background career and his DJ Veritas track works are still published online for play and his porn videos @ Sean

In addition Jason Andrews aka Addison and Amanda Dongue aka Sunny Dae are the stars of “Soft Porn Killers” as filmed several months before the actual murder however the publishers have exploited and capitalised on this heinous callous crime.

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