topics coming soon like feeling rabid among more import things.

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2 Responses to “topics coming soon like feeling rabid among more import things.”

  1. Adrian Says:

    A Blog to say and express yourself on a myriad of topics from, phenimena, conspiracys factual is appreciated and greifs of any and all, personal or not. Because I need o voice my own and huge displeasure of what is at hand. So inviting all thinmkers and NOn to haveyoursay!

  2. Adrian Says:

    So what if , but not just if you were touched by and experienced a very personal phenomena of a kind you had been aware of all your life but never really gave it any great weight, except you had none theless had experiences that defied logic and explanatition. That it ate at your very own sanity and in siome ways security/

    You would want to know more right?

    So it did and has with me and after a lifetime of being a debunker and skeptic a believer I am.

    researching books and Internet deciphering truth from disinformation only to realise theyre arethose true and not on both side of the camps.

    But if your own in its cryptic way of experiences was leading you upon a path of whichyou had dreamed and suspected but didnt dare to think could it or is it possible?

    My answer is short and succinct: HELL YES!
    own choice of words above.

    Do symbolisim, world religions, government tryranny/wars and global state of affairs resonate with me in a rofound way in which they never quite had before six months ago …………


    This Blog is intended for myself to express and say unreservedly that which nor family or bulk of friends would permit. Though I try with an open mind and heart to uderstand why is it that I feel/think differently and that it in itself difference is frowned upon as radical which in and of itself means independent alike of visionary although this (visionary) I am not, unless you can account for sporadic prophetic dreams and intuitive feelings.

    Despite not having the required time to fully launch this blog since its inception this is the follow-up that hopes to find an audience of like mindedpeoples or not to give-voice to my self titled fedupyours
    and haveyoursay
    no holds-barred say it, own it, spill the beans on all political corruption, military abuses and civilian injustices.

    Name the names, screw’em all
    lets educate and empower if not in this world than at least for the next and bring upon higher consciousness and spirtiuality of being but leave your biased religious doctrines elsewhere.

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