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Lloyd Pye: Introduction to Intervention Theory

July 23, 2013


The “Starchild Skull” and “Intervention Theory”


Alexandra Bruce
July 20, 2013

This video presentation sums up the lifework of Lloyd Pye, owner and promoter of the “Starchild Skull”, which he believes is that of a human-alien hybrid.

This piece is an Introduction to his “Intervention Theory,” of how life evolves throughout the Cosmos.

Lloyd recently discovered that he has a cancerous tumor in his abdomen and he needs your support, in order to beat it.

Go to his website, and donate there:

Here is is statement:



Outwardly, I am the picture of health, but in my upper abdomen lurks a tumor the size and shape of a softball. Its formal name is “Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma.” It is a fairly common cancer that is very amenable to treatment, but that treatment has to be as aggressive as the tumor or death ensues.

What does this catastrophic news mean to me? To us? The the relationship we have forged here during my 14 years with the Starchild Project? The simple answer is this: “Things have to change–bigtime!” This will very likely be my last “Byte of Pye” in this format. It will be taken over by other people who will notify you when the changes are complete. However, expect to be given a choice to stay with the new Starchild newsletter, which I hope all of you will do, and then also join me where I’ll be next, at

That’s long-term. In the short-term, I am obviously in a fight for my life, and I intend to do my best to win it. As you might have guessed, to do that I will need massive amounts of help from YOU, from each of you to the degree you can manage. I want to treat my cancer by alternative means, not the standard “one-size-fits-all” approach of chemotherapy and radiation applied with elephant-gun imapact on one and all. That’s not how I want to fight.

Instead, I want to go to an alternative clinic in Europe with very good success at treating lymphomas like mine. As with all cancer treatments, this one is very expensive, in the low tens of thousands of dollars. Here in the U.S. it would be in the high tens of thousands of dollars. Either way, I have to pay, and I simply do not have the money to pay those bills. To do so, I will need rather large amounts of money, both for the initial treatment, which is one full month, followed by subsequent treatments two or three or more times, depending on the kind of follow-up I will require.

The bottom line is that I need an enormous amount of help to save myself, and I am extremely lucky that I have friends like the people on this list who can put themselves in my shoes and feel sympathy for me. This is an ordeal of the highest magnitude, as I’m sure you all understand full well…

I am asking for donations FOR ME, and to do that you will have to go to my personal webpage at the link below.


The following information if for those of you who want to know more about the details of how it happened. If you’re pressed for time, this is not really necessary for you to know. It is my recounting of how it unfolded. Some will want to know this, many will not. Make your own choice.

On June 15th I had a special celebratory dinner in an Ethiopian restaurant. I drank cardamom tea, which is common in such places. An hour later I was in the throes of a very serious gallbladder attack, the first time such a thing has ever happened to me. I always have excellent health checkups, which kept me from believing I was having a heart attack, but the pain was quite severe in and around my upper abdomen, and it did not let up for four hours! In that time, though, I found out that cardamom tea could induce such attacks on those with “clogged” gallbladders, and it turned out that I had one.

After a few more bouts with my gallbladder, I went to my doctor on July 9th. He palpated my abdomen and very quickly informed me that in addition to a gallbladder problem, I had a rather large mass that didn’t belong in my upper abdomen. He was very concerned and suggested an ultrasound. Fortunately, am now old enough to be enrolled in Medicare, so I was able to afford my 20% co-pay for this, and for the CAT scan that followed. There could be no doubt about it–I had a softball-sized tumor growing inside me. What was it?

A biopsy was scheduled for July 12th. An appointment was made with an oncologist for July 17th. In the meantime, my family and I convinced ourselves that it had to be a nonmalignant fatty tumor because those have been known to run in one branch of my family. However, those were just under the skin, not large and internal. Additionally, I have always taken care of myself, taking vitamins every day, watching my weight, not drinking or smoking, intermittently exercising, and always getting “excellent” reports for my yearly physical since I turned 60 (I’ll turn 67 in September).

I did not strike anyone who knows me well as someone who would be a likely candidate for a malignancy, much less one the size of the tumor I so clearly had. So I went to the oncologist thinking I could dodge the bullet, but the bullet got me. He told me it was a bad report, aggressive B-cell lymphoma, and I had to act and act fast to stop the tumor’s growth and save my life. So that is what I’m determined to do…..with your help.

I can’t begin to handle this alone. If you’ve followed me at all in these Bytes of Pye over the past few years, you know I live on a shoestring, very low to the ground to avoid charges by skeptics and critics that I’m “just in it for the money.” It’s their classic criticism of people like me because it works. If they can illustrate instances where we are trying to provide for ourselves in any way other than the ways they provide for themselves (writing and lecturing), they pounce. Thus, I have always tried to keep my efforts to writing and lecturing, but in alternative fields that is flatly no way to make a living.

Now my attitude is, “Screw ’em!” They can criticize me all they like. I have lived by their strictures as long as I could. Now I have to live by whatever means are available, and asking for your help to bail me out of this terrible jam is the most viable method available to me to accumulate the large amount of money I need in the shortest possible time. Please donate NOW.


In only a few days, on July 29, I am scheduled to leave for England for two months, during which I intended to lecture around the country. Now I have no idea how many of those dates I will be able to make because I desperately need to get myself into a cancer clinic that can do for me what needs to be done, and everything needs to go at the fastest pace possible. Right now my tumor is softball sized. In only a few weeks it will be the size of a honeydew melon, and it will be squeezing the life out of the vital organs it is already pressing against, including my liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder (which kicked off my initial problem), and then my heart and lungs.

If enough of you respond with serious help for me, which I have to believe you will do, then I will enroll for treatment by the middle of August, and as I said, the initial round of treatment is one month. As soon as I can get my website changed over to the new format, it will include a blog. Or maybe I’ll go with a blog on Facebook. I’m still trying to resolve that issue. But soon I will have a blog going that will recount my experiences at the clinic, and I hope it will provide help for others in my same situation, to tell them what to expect if they choose the alternative route I want to take.

I firmly believe I can win this if I get enough support. As of right now, I am healthy. I have a good constitution. I have a good frame of mind. I have always been a scrappy type, willing and able to take on difficult challenges. This is, of course, one of any life’s greatest challenges, a fight with Death.

I’m not asking anyone to donate to help me lose this fight. I’m asking you to help me win it. And I REALLY need help this time. Again, before all is said and done the total cost will be tens of thousands of dollars. I think anyone who knows anything about cancer treatments anywhere in the world will vouch for that. I live hovering around the poverty level. But not now, not any more.

I have to drop that life and take on a new one. My old life is over, and now I have to forge a new one. I have to become “a cancer survivor,” and with enough help from enough of you, my Starchild and Byte of Pye family, I can and will do it, and you are free to follow along on my journey every step of the way. I hope you will. I think it will be quite a learning experience!

My heartfelt thanks to you all for reading this exceptionally long missive, and I know all of you wish me the very best outcome. I’m sure I can achieve it.

Lloyd Pye
July 19th, 2013

Your donations allow us to continue providing free public information about the Starchild Skull, maintain the website, and fund ongoing work with the Skull. Thank you for your support!


October 26, 2011
Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye talks about the Intervention Theory of Origins, and his new eBook, “Intervention Theory Essentials,” available at

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Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business – Part 2

July 18, 2013—part-2.html

Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business – Part 2, FDA, gene targeted therapy, non-toxic, Texas Medical Board

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Professor John Searl Vindicated by Russian Scientists Confirming Free Energy 2010 1 of 3 . TheRealVerbz

July 12, 2013

Published on Jun 24, 2010

SEG Mock Up vs SEG Prototype – Stages of R&D:

1st Visit to Searl Magnetics – March 2011:

2nd Visit – December 2011:

SEG Background:…

Russian Validations:…

Official Searl Sites:

Searl Video Playlist:

Coded Magnets:

Corellated Magnetics Research:

Non-Linear Magnets:

Max Field (600% Stronger w less mass):

Atomic Feng Shui – Aetheric Diodes & Magnetization:…

What a Magnet Is and Why (9 Parts):

Jason Verbelli Interview on Searl Technology and Magnets:…

James Gilliland of ECETI Interviews Jason Verbelli

Twin Vortexes – VBM – Winged Sun – Free Masons – (MAGNETS)

Magnetism On / Off Switch:

Multi-Polar Magnets – Nanomagnetic Engineering:

Dewey B Larson:

ESA New Test of Relativity:…

Lucky It Aint Rocket Science (LIARS)…

The Black Hole at the Heart of Astronomy:…

Poor Review:…

Essential Guide:…

Halton Arp:

Misunderstood Sun:…

Psyence of the Big Bang:…

Pioneer Anomaly:…

Electric Universe Model (EUM)………
Utron and 120 Point Rodin Coil:

Pulsing Rife Frequencies via Dr. Bob Beck Circuit:

Magnet Levitating:

Magnet Spinning 300,000 RPM:

skycollection’s channel:…

Magnet Strangeness:

Free Energy Flyer:…

Twin Opposing Vortexes:

Dan Winter’s Imploder:


Clayton Nolte
Walter Russell

Over 35 Books on Suppressed Sciences:…

Science Lectures:

Marcel Vogel

Pier Luigi Ighina:…

Ighina Info Page:…
Viktor Grebbenikov

Willhelm Reich
Alternative Cancer Treatments

Category Science & Technology

June 29, 2013

Information Emily E Windsor Cragg

There are four major Astronomy Observatories on the West Coast having the responsibility to show and record sun activity. All four were shut down during the recent “eclipse.”

… After I retired I became interested in the Mars Rover program because I noticed some obvious CHANGES and ALTERATIONS to some of their photos. Since 2007 I have been analyzing and attempting to corr…ect NASA photos, in order to SEE real details, not just politically-correct content.


Chemtrails Kill SEE Gray chems & Military Jets caught on Film . Roxy Lopez·

June 17, 2013

Published on Mar 10, 2012

We head out to the Arizona Desert and check out military planes, and gray Chemtrails, the latest in Chemtrail technology! We have a lot of information in this video including sicknesses that are beginning to be reported all over the world, including the USA. We wish thank all who contributed to the documentary! Please contact us at our website:
We can also be found on the GIC Network, Blogspot under SPEAK TRUTH
If you have any information regarding chemtrails, gray chemtrails Nano Chemwebs, Morgellons patients, pilots, or locations you would like our team to check out, please contact us at
It is urgent to contact us ASAP. We need to stop the spraying!

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Irrefutable Truth. U.S. Military intentionally poisoning us with Biologicals . SuperDeltaBravo1·

June 17, 2013

Published on Nov 28, 2012

Open description box for appropriate links & credits.
Here is undeniable PROOF POSITIVE that THE UNITED STATES MILITARY IS INTENTIONALLY POISONING INNOCENT AMERICANS. THE TRUTH IS OUT. USE IT WISELY. Heed the words spoken here & look at the Official Military Document. Chemtrails ARE the Delivery System for fungi, biologicals and much more. THIS IS TREASON & Crime against Humanity!!
The Air Force is on record as saying they want to control the weather by 2025. The Massachusetts School of Law’s Educational Forum presents part 2 of a Conference on Global Climate Change with Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, author, educator and environmental writer.
The Massachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books. For more information visit Posted under Fair Use without intent to infringe upon copyright.

Second section is a re-upload from my previous video,…, posted with permission from Original source, again for the purposes of education with no intent to infringe on anyone’s copyright This Official US document, complete with Names & other particulars PROVES that the US Govt IS & HAS BEEN modifying Weather. Pause as necessary & feel free to share. This document PROVES that which Govt has been denying for a long time, evidenced by dates & locations shown within. Link to original document is file //­ification­_Symposium_1997.pdf

This is available under FOIA as well as Fair Use.

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UPDATE! Latest “How To Fix The World” Movie LINKS

June 16, 2013

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015


ALL LINKS UPDATED (YET AGAIN!) AT 1 AM EST June 16th.  (We kept putting the video up and they kept taking it down, and we wont stop putting it back up!)

On Youtube:
Part 1 Link:

Part 2 Link:

Part 3 Link

OR on Vimeo

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


As you probably know by now youtube is doing funny things with our movie. And part 1 is banned in Germany. Our sincerest apologies, but leave us a message and we will skype the original files wherever they needs to go. Please don’t waste any time on this, it’s too important.


This film is packed with heart felt power. It centers on the voices of the people of this planet and strives to present not only the REAL problems we all face, but the suppressed solutions…

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Fix the World Documentary, three parts, three hours

June 16, 2013

US Air Force Academy Chemtrail Manual

June 15, 2013

Alexandra Bruce
April 11, 2013

The word “chemtrails” was not invented by a conspiracy theorist, it was invented by the US Air Force. A microfiche has been found in the Oklahoma Library system of an Air Force manual dating back to 1990, which uses the word “Chemtrails” in its title and describes the various experiments pilots will be conducting with the aerosol release of various noxious substances, some relating to cloud-seeding and weather modification such as silver iodide and others, in conjuction with the HAARP project, such as barium-fluoride.

The spraying of toxic barium salts in the atmosphere relates to scalar weapons systems (HAARP), which behave like targeted gravitational fields and act as anti-ballistic shields.

The list of substances listed in this manual to be used in these USAF experiments include: aluminum 3, aluminum hydride, barium-fluoride, beryllium, cyanide, hydrochloric acid, various ions, including ions of copper, iron 2, lithium ions, nickel perchlorate (rocket fuel), phosphorous tri-fluoride, silver iodide, sodium ions and single-valence metals.


Werner Altnickel
April 4, 2013

Weitere interessante Informationen finden Sie auf:

Naoto Kan – Fukushima Lessons for CA – Excerpt 1 . eon3·

June 6, 2013

Published on Jun 5, 2013

This is the first of 6 excerpts from the webcast ‘The Fukushima Nuclear Accident –
Lessons for California from then Prime Minister Kan and other distinguished speakers.’

In this segment, Mr. Kan relates his experiences and conclusions regarding the on-going Fukushima disaster and shares his views on the dangers of nuclear power.

The public forum, held June 4, 2013 in the San Diego City Council chambers, was organized by Friends of the Earth, Physicians for Social Responsibility and San Clemente Green, and webcast by

In addition to Prime Minister Kan (ably translated by Cathy Iwane) speakers included:
Gregory Jaczko, Former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Associates; Peter A. Bradford, former member of the NRC; and Kendra Ulrich, Friends of the Earth nuclear expert.

Captured and re-posted by EON as a public service.

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