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Fix the World Documentary, three parts, three hours

June 16, 2013


May 25, 2013

‘Paul’ starring Simon Pegg – Official Teaser Trailer . HEREAFTERMOVIE¬∑

May 25, 2013

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2010
“Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.”

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost behind the scenes on Paul . ChortleUK¬∑

May 25, 2013

Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

Interview and clips from their forthcoming sci-fi comedy, out on February 14.

James Gilliland – Contact Has Begun . Fredrik Johannessen

May 20, 2013

Published on Feb 19, 2013

ECETI Documentary

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Jim Marrs on The Hundredth Monkey Radio April 21 2013 . Tao2299

May 18, 2013

Published on Apr 21, 2013

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Marrs earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of North Texas in 1966 and attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock for two years more. He has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where beginning in 1968 he served as police reporter and general assignments reporter covering stories locally, in Europe and the Middle East. After a leave of absence to serve with a Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter. Since 1980, Mr. Marrs has been a free-lance writer, author and public relations consultant. He also published a rural weekly newspaper along with a monthly tourism tabloid, a cable television show and several videos.

In 2007, Mr. Marrs retired from the University of Texas at Arlington where he had taught a course on the Kennedy assassination since 1976. In 1989, his book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, was published to critical acclaim and reached the New York Times Paperback Non-Fiction Best Seller list in mid-February 1992. It became a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK. Mr. Marrs served as a chief consultant for both the film’s screenplay and production.

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