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Deafening Cicadas at the Train Station . jlandkev

July 22, 2013

Published on Jul 21, 2013

Cicadas on my way to work this morning.


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FBI Infiltrates Wikileaks | Think Tank . breakingtheset·

July 5, 2013

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Abby Martin talks to Tangerine Bolen, founder of Revolution Truth, about the case of Siggi Thordarson, a former Wikileaks staffer who was also an FBI informant, and what this could mean for Julian Assange.

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UFO Sightings Anunnaki Winged God? Incredible Evidence Whistle Blower Explains 2013 . thirdphaseofmoon·

June 19, 2013

Published on Jun 17, 2013

Bob Evans UFO Investigator into SOHO Images that could be the Anunnaki Winged God! Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive Interview! Quote By Bob Evans”Please compare the above ancient Sumerian wall carving of their Anunnaki Winged God to the image above it … in this image you can clearly see the God Figure in the center, with a nice Harness holding him to a large set of Birds Wings … the Birds Wings have landing gear, shown as a long pole, with round wheels attached at the bottom … the Birds Wings look so damn close to the white ship in the image above the carving”

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Music Background Provided by Eivind Bjordal
Thirdphaseofmoon Title Graphic Provided by Moad Hadi
Images Credit SOHO

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UFO Sightings Shocking Information World Governments Don’t Want You To See! 2013 . thirdphaseofmoon

June 2, 2013

Published on Jun 1, 2013

Does John Searl Have the answer to the Global Energy Crisis? John Searl claims he does …Furthermore, Searl says he’s had it for over 60 years. Regarded by many as ‘The Godfather’ of free energy or zero point energy science, Professor John Searl believes his magnetic generator, the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), can save our planet from economic and environmental disaster. So, what if he’s telling the truth? For more information Visit John Searl Website! Also Special Thanks to Keepers of the Earth LLC & BKLFilms for Video Permission!

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WHistle Blower Radio WithKerry Cassidy-2013-05-24 . freerevolutionradio

May 25, 2013

Published on May 25, 2013

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Alfred Lambremont Webre : Deconstructors of the NEW WORLD ORDER . Roxy Lopez

May 25, 2013

Published on May 22, 2013

May 21, 2013
Guest: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Is Obama under Mind control?
“Obama, Pope Francis, Prince William: Implementers or Deconstructors of the New World Order (NWO – Satanic/Illuminati Plan)?” by Alfred Lambremont Webre…
What was discussed on the program this evening?
Deconstructors of the New World Order
The Three Archetypes
GALACTIC Governance
Conscious Starseed, who are they?
Obama, deceiver or …?
Has humanity ever been FREE?

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