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The Life-Science Delusionposted by Justo June 16, 2013

June 17, 2013

I realized at a young age that in order to fully understand the world we interact with, you must first understand science. I loved the idea of tiny efficient machines, known as cells, working in harmony and homeostasis to essentially keep your body functioning within the “real” world. This fascination led me to libraries (1) where I read more complex books on atoms, sub-atomic particles, and astronomy. And for the first time I felt a strange phenomenon which essentially was the physiological feeling of bewilderment or as Jason Silva says, “The biological advantage of being awestruck.” From that moment on, I knew there was more to life than what we are taught in school.

Fast forward through the rest of academia, college, and the majority of my life and here I am; 24 years old and loathing my generation. I could never understand why some of us have a natural thirst for knowledge while others sit back and allow for fashion to become a necessity or ponder whether or not Kim Kardashian will have a boy or a girl. Well this mindset of commodities and materialistic goals has led our civilization deeper into the gutter with almost no hope to emerge. Naturally, I searched for someone to blame for this terrible outcome and finally found the answer in myself. Dr. Michio Kaku once said, “…every child is born a genius,” and I could not agree more.

As Homo-sapiens, we have a natural imprinted need to explore the unknown and essentially figure out our environment(s). However, instead of acting upon this awarded fate, we have chosen to ignore the philosophy of accepting change and applying it to past knowledge. I believe two parties are at fault here, the first party are the elitists (2) or men in charge who have mislead us over the last 100 + years while the second party is us, or “We the people. ” Our society as a collective whole has become accustomed to this knowledge and blindly accepted any if not all information as the truth. We have lost our ability to apply logic to everyday situations and instead are in an almost continuous state of sub-conscious obedience.

I cannot live this way and will not live in a society where the majority follows such a foul thought process. I believe the guides and scribes of the physical world have lead us here and these two fields have just as much power to lead us out of this dismal digression. I am talking about science and technology.

Two prolific parallels that are tied at the hip in today’s society are science and technology; each field cannot expand without the other. These two fields, genres, disciplines, or whatever adjective you decide to slap on to these ideologies, have discovered or led to the creation of everything around us. Take a minute to think about that, there is no escaping science or technology because we would not be at this stage of civilization without them. Therefore, when one has a reputation of that stature, it is only natural that the ego swells and pompousness increases. Keep in mind I pay the bills because I am a scientist, but I will be the first to admit how pretentious science can be. This narcissistic mindset evolves into dogmas that are not only taught every day in school, but reprinted constantly in our textbooks.

An idol of mine is Dr. Rupert Sheldrake who is one of the leading scientists behind eradicating these central dogmas from our fundamental thinking within science and essentially the world. I invite you to watch Dr. Sheldrake’s banned TED talk (3) in which he explains how ten essential dogmas have culminated into what life and the mind is today; undervalued, under appreciated, and relatively unknown. This statement is not exclaimed directly by Dr. Sheldrake but fundamentally that is what he is preaching. Important facets of our civilization such as the basis of education, national health, medical research, governmental stance, and the basic worldview all follow these ten central dogmas.

We know so many things about the amazing aspects of the physical world but almost nothing about the spiritual and paranormal phenomena that occur daily. Dr. Sheldrake has written numerous books (4) detailing morphic resonance which draws from a collective consciousness which Dr. Terrence McKenna and Dr. Bruce Lipton preach (5). The environment where a cell or organism is prevalent, greatly dictates the transcription of desired genes, therefore, altering the function of components within that cell or organism. This is evident throughout stem cell research regarding the extra cellular matrix (ECM) and many other disciplines of cell biology.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
Source: Wikimedia Commons
I believe we have the ability to perceive each other and project data utilizing our mind fields as a sort of sixth sense and there are results to prove it. There is a suppressing force in science known as journal articles that allow information to be submitted for peer review criticism and publication. I feel the general public is not aware that any if not all scientific breakthroughs must be “approved and replicated” by these individuals or groups in order to be become mainstream ideas. It is quite ironic that Dr. Sheldrake proposed the need to disengage from central dogmas perpetuated by the scientific community only to be banned and have his speech pulled BY THE SAME PEOPLE. The smartest person in the world can sit next to me and explain quantum mechanics, organic chemistry, or our extremely complex immune system, but can they tell me what a memory is? A dream? Or even a thought? I mean honestly people, conceptualize that, these are every day events.

We go to work daily to provide for ourselves and families which leads to unneeded stress and turmoil while we simultaneously attempt to balance love and happiness. Einstein said it best, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

I attempt to pass on the idea that we have reached a stagnant point. We can continue down a road of misconceptions or we could attempt to answer the ongoing questions that men and women have quarreled with for centuries. I know we can live in peace and happiness, and I believe Rupert Sheldrake is heading in the right direction. We must turn our fundamental ideas of what the world is upside down in order to progress as a whole. If we begin to explore more “paranormal phenomena” with statistically relevant data, then more grants are awarded and more money is utilized for answering the important questions. This is a revelation considering our current scientific agenda involves what can be patented in order to generate the most currency. I realize statistical data can be broad and the spiritual realm is very real, but we cannot proliferate potential projects without proof. I know what is out there and like many of you I have experienced it whether it was through sexual experiences, hallucinogenics, or similar religious occurrences, I know there is more to life than what we are told. Therefore, once we loosen our grip on science, technology, religion, and race, I believe we can truly start changing towards the greater good for our fellow human beings.

1. The internet was in its infancy and AOL was slow as shit in the beginning.

2. In order to diagram the first party and the corruption they have bestowed upon us, you should read Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper.

3. Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK:

4. Some literature that describes his philosophies further are The Science Delusion, Morphic Resonance, and Seven Experiments to Change the World.

5. Without being too tangential, Dr. McKenna believes in a web on consciousness further illuminated through psilocybin use (heroic dose ~ 5g). Dr. Lipton is a pioneer in the field of epigentics which is proving more an more every day that genes are not as important as we once thought. An example, corn has approximately 32,000 genes throughout 10 chromosomes while humans have around 20,000 genes within 23 chromosomes; you tell me what is more complex.


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