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Photos of a UFO over Sydney, Australia, 9 January 2012

May 19, 2013

I had a truly mind blowing experience while on vacation in Sydney at 2230 hours. I arrived at Erskineville station to catch a train home after meeting with a friend who lived locally. As I approached the station I noticed a light in the sky which I took to be a jet plane. I got to the station and noticed the lights again. They began acting strangely, such as flying in a formation at high speed from behind this tall building, shrinking and growing in size in the sky above Erskineville rail station. I put together a slideshow consisting of images I captured on the night and text describing my experience that warm January evening. You can access it here – I heard no sound from the objects whatsoever. Object changed size from a relatively small triangle formation consisting of three lights to a much larger one while retaining the original triangle shape it started out as.

I witnessed the objects/lights on the concourse level of the rail station. It was relatively clear skies with few clouds dotted around. I experienced confusion. Mostly shock and fright! I saw a guy wearing shorts, slippers and I believe a robe of some sort, not a bathrobe. He looked as if he had rushed out his house to look at something of interest, due to his appearance. I noticed him behind me to the right about 20 feet away. He was looking in the direction of the lights. I wondered at the time, if he was there to meet someone arriving on a train or just there to view the lights.

Ken Pfeifer – World UFO Photos Copyright ©2012 Sharon-Ann Riley and

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